Advanced Global Energy

Advanced Global Energy is a low carbon recruitment specialist organisation. They are experts in providing personnel for maintenance & installation projects within wind turbine generators & cabling and have a core focus in providing turbine and blade technicians, cable inspectors / jointers and quality assurance.

Working with the Bluestones Group

Creating the Advanced Global Energy joint venture and joining the specialist division within the Group has jump started  business growth and provided expansion opportunities beyond what would ordinarily be expected of a new business start-up.

Best aspect of being part of the Bluestones Group

Since joining the Bluestones Group, I’ve been able to grow my business with educated advice from the Group. I feel this has genuinely been a fantastic opportunity as I’ve been able to concentrate on growing my company without worrying about accounts, HR, payroll, or IT. I’d recommend this approach to anyone looking to run their own business.

Ben Leigh - MD, Advanced Global Energy

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